'Flow chemistry' workshop

Thursday 17th July 2014
Wolfson Seminar Room, CRL, Mansfield Road, Oxford
Session 1 Chair: Jeremy Robertson
(Open to Department)
10:30 Luigi LaVecchia (Novartis IBR, Basel)
Application of continuous flow chemistry in a pharmaceutical environment

11:00 Joerg Sedelmeier (Novartis IBR, Basel)

Continuous manufacturing - the transition from research to process development
11:30 Q&A

11:45 Andrew Mansfield (Vapourtec Ltd, UK)
Selected highlights of Vapourtec flow chemistry
12:00 Yann Lecouturier (Syrris Ltd, UK)
Recent advances in flow chemistry technology
12:15 Q&A

Session 2 Flow chemistry in practice
(OxIOSCR IDP only)

13:15 Andrew Mansfield (Vapourtec Ltd, UK)

Flow chemistry demonstration
14:00 Yann Lecouturier (Syrris Ltd, UK)
Flow chemistry consultations

09:00-16:30 Syrris Ltd and Vapourtec Ltd
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Download a PDF version of the flow chemistry workshop programme.