Raising awareness of cancer and cancer research – World Cancer Day

APs and IDP team
4th February 2016

World Cancer Day is held annually on 4th February to raise global awareness of the disease, research into curative and preventative therapies, and to highlight the services and activities of organisations and charities specifically established to support patients and families effected by cancer. WCD was established by the Paris Chapter adopted at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium, in Paris, on 4th February 2000 (Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)
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To mark this day, in collaboration with Cancer Research UK | Oxford Centre, students Simon Werrel and Christian Kuper, welcomed members of the public to the Chemistry Research Laboratory, University of Oxford to showcase the facilities, and the work led by the OxIOSCR researchers. Christian began the session with a brief overview of the project and an explanation of how the students are working towards the development of natural-product like compounds with anti-cancer properties. The interactive session enabled visitors to ask questions and get a feel for how the researchers work towards the project objectives. The students led the audience on a tour of the facilities with a visit to a lab where separation techniques (chromatography and distillation) were demonstrated, finishing with an introduction to the mass spectrometry facilities by James Wickens. This was a busy hour with an exclusive look behind the scenes in Chemistry and Cancer Research; as part of the day’s activities further behind the scenes tours were organised at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) and the William Dunn School of Pathology.
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