Mid-term review meeting

11th December 2014

The Oxford Innovative Organic Synthesis for Cancer Research (OxIOSCR) project hosted a mid-term review meeting at the Department of Chemistry in Oxford this week. The meeting, held as part of a wider mid-term review, provided the opportunity for the project's managers, Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and
Associated Partners to celebrate research and scientific progress made during the first half of the programme.

The meeting was opened by external reviewer, Dr Theodora Calogeropoulou from the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Athens), also representing the European Commission at the meeting. After network introductions, Professor Jeremy Robertson presented the coordinators' report highlighting scientific objectives and outcomes, training programme activities and events over the past and coming years. The Early Stage Researchers gave some excellent poster presentations with content including their recent scientific research, previous educational and industrial experience, plans and aspirations for their future careers. During the afternoon they participated in a group meeting with Dr Calogeropoulou to discuss their projects, and experience as Marie Curie fellows within the network. To close the meeting, a brief roundtable feedback session was held to talk about the findings from the day and to learn the next steps in the mid-term review process.
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