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17th May 2017 - Congratulations Aubert
Many congratulations to Aubert Ribaucourt who successfully passed his DPhil viva on Weds 17th May 2017. He is moving on to North Carolina State University to a post-doctoral position in Joshua Pierce's group.
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5th April 2017 - Prize winner!
Many congratulations to Allegra Franchino who has been awarded the first prize for her talk on “asymmetric catalysis for the activation of functionalised isonitriles” at the 28th SCI Regional Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry. In the competition, that took place at the University of Bath on 5th April, selected final year organic chemistry PhD students from English universities presented their work.
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9th March 2017 - Congratulations Anaïs
Well done to Anaïs who successfully passed her DPhil viva on 9th March - go Dr Bouisseau! Image: thesis submission on 10th January.
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November 2016 - New publication
Well done to Anaïs Bouisseau and Patricia Fernández Rodríguez for their publication in collaboration with Associated Partner Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. The students gained valuable training and experience during their secondments and were involved in a project to develop safe continuous flow chemistry processes for the use of hydrogen peroxide in oxidation reactions. See Publications.
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12th October 2016 - Congratulations Dr Josa-Culleré
Congratulations Laia Josa-Culleré who successfully passed her DPhil viva. Her thesis is entitled 'Tetramates as antibacterial and anticancer core scaffolds'. Laia will begin her new Postdoctoral Research Assistant post later this month. Funded by OxStem Oncology, Laia's project will involve the development of new small molecules to promote differentiation of cancer stem-like cells to more benign states.
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9th October 2016 - Running success
Well done to OxIOSCR students Philipp Schäfer and Aubert Ribaucourt and project administrator Dr Tracey Marr for running the Oxford Half Marathon on 9th October. Held annually, the Oxford Half Marathon route takes in the sights of the beautiful city of Oxford and surrounding areas including Old Marston and Summertown.
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7th October 2016 - Congratulations Simon Werrel
Well done to Simon Werrel who won a prize for his talk at the Astra Zeneca sponsored Final Year Symposium held at the Department of Chemistry on 5th/6th October 2016.
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28th September 2016 - Laia features in Periodic Magazine
Laia Josa-Culleré has been featured in this year's Department of Chemistry Alumni magazine entitled 'Periodic'. In her account, she describes a typical day in the life of a DPhil Organic Chemistry student at Oxford. The article features on page 4 of the magazine, click here to read the full story.
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13th April 2016 - ISACS19 Chemistry World Poster Prize for Aubert Ribaucourt
Congratulations to Aubert Ribaucourt for winning the Chemistry World Poster Prize at the 19th International Symposium on Advancing the Chemical Sciences: Challenges in Organic Chemistry, held on 20-23 March in Irvine, USA. He described the total synthesis and structural revision of the cytotoxic agent aruncin B. To read Aubert's Chemistry World Blog celebrating the win and a description of his research, click here.