Outreach & public engagement

Christian Kuper - September 2015

APs and IDP team
Christian Kuper returned to his school, Gymnasium Leoninum, Handrup in Germany to inspire students about chemistry, studying abroad and his research at Oxford as part of the OxIOSCR programme. Here, he gives an account of his visit:

At the end of September I had the chance to return to my “old” school and talk to students in the advanced chemistry class in year 12. They are about to do their Abitur (equivalent to A-levels), often followed by starting a university course.
The biggest interest lay in studying chemistry or a science in general. Questions like, how do I pick, what do I need to do before, how does the application process work, etc., are a few examples. After giving an overview about student life, classes and different subjects at university, I could talk about studying abroad, the OxIOSCR programme and my own research. I hope I covered most things that need to be considered and ignited some interest in the exciting field of sciences.

I want to thank Jens Plock, my former teacher, to give me the chance to talk to students interested in taking up chemistry or related subjects. To read the school's account about my visit, take a look at the School's
news page.