Outreach & public engagement

APs and IDP team

Early Stage Researcher, Philipp Sch
äfer presented a poster of his research at the Chirality 2014 conference held in Prague over three days in July. Here, Philipp speaks about his experience at the event.

The conference in Prague was called Chirality 2014 (26th International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination, ISCD-26) and encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, e.g. fundamentals of chirality, supramolecular chirality, chiroptical spectroscopy etc.

With Steve and a few people from my group we explored the city centre on Saturday and Sunday. Ivo Starý gave us a warm welcome on Sunday evening before various well-known speakers gave presentations from Monday until Wednesday. The talks of Daniel W. Armstrong, Yujiro Hayashi and Donna G. Blackmond were particularly stimulating. A three-hour poster session took place on Monday evening where I presented my work and I had a look at various other posters. All in all it was a very good experience and I learned a lot about the importance of chirality. However broad range of topics covered meant that I didn't receive as much feedback on my own work as I was hoping for.